Solutions for Atomization Powder Manufacturing & Thermal Processing

EasyFashion is the professional supplier of industrial heat treatment equipment. Grounded on meticulous design and discreet manufacture, we are nimble of offering the most economical and versatile solution to cater to the most demanding heat treatment needs in various industries. Our staggering product range covers vacuum gas atomization powder manufacturing equipment, integrated vacuum degreasing and sintering furnace, atmosphere sintering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum hot pressure furnace, microwave sintering furnace, industrial melting furnace, quench furnace, brazing furnace and air separator, etc. These premium machines have been extensively applied to MIM (metal injection molding), vacuum heat treatment, powder metallurgy, atomization powder manufacture, carbon and silicon carbide materials, as well as amorphous materials, photovoltaic materials and Li-ion battery materials. In particular, our sintering furnace has been applicable for sintering of metal, ceramic, hard alloy and powder, etc. For more detailed information, please contact us!More